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Damiana dapat membantu mereka yang tidak puas dengan saiz zakarnya untuk dipanjang dan dibesarkan diantara 1 ke 3 inchi. Damiana dapat memanjang dan membesarkan alat kelakian 1-3 inches dalam masa 3-4 bulan pengambilannya. Disamping itu dapat menambah kekerasan alat kelakian dan tahan lama. Masalah pancut cepat dan layu sebelum bertarung dapat diatasi dengan segeraDamiana selamat daipada kesan sampingan kerana dibuat daripada herba dan bahan semulajadi tanpa bahan kimia yang boleh memudaratkan.Kini anda boleh menarik nafas lega kerana perubatan alternative telah menemui herba yang bertindak serupa dengan Viagra tetapi lebih mesra pengguna dan tanpa kesan sampingan. Malah ia sesuai untuk wanita juga dimana Viagra tidak pernah diluluskan untuk penggunaan bagi kaum wanita.Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca). Sejenis herba yang hebat telah ditemui dan telah dikaji mempunyai persamaan fungsi kerjanya dengan Viagra. Perbezaannya Damiana tidak menggunakan dadah mahupun bahan kimia untuk stimulasi organ seksual untuk menangani masalah impotence (mati pucuk) ataupun erectile dysfunction (ED). Apa yang menarik herba ini boleh menangani masalah seksual Lelaki dan Wanita.

Saintis dari Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires. Hasil dari penyelidikannya mendapati Damiana bertindak mengatasi masalah ED sama seperti Viagra dan memanjangkan dan membesarkan zakar 1-3 inches dalam masa 3-4 bulan.

Hasil kajian itu menunjukkan herba tersebut merawat ED dengan memberi kesan yang membolehkan otot diantara dinding arteries (saluran yang membawa darah beroksigen) didalam penis membesar. Ini membolehkan saluran itu membesar dan membenarkan lebih darah melaluinya dan membolehkan erection (penis mengeras dan memanjang serta membesar).Beginilah Viagra membuat seseorang yang mengalami ED untuk kembali ke kehidupan seksual yang normal semula, tetapi persamaannya diantara Damiana dan Viagra. Damiana tidak mempunyai kesan sampingan seperti yang dihasilkan oleh Viagra seperti jangkitan saluran kencing, terjadi tekanan darah tinggi, degupan jantung yang tidak teratur, serangan jantung, stroke malah kematian mengejut.

Damiana Berfungsi Lebih Baik Dari Viagra

Saintis itu juga mengesahkan Damiana mampu merawat ED pada dengan kesan ereksi 90 peratus lebih baik berbanding Viagra hanya 46 peratus sahaja. Phytomedicine. 2003 Nov; 10(Cool:669-74). Viagra hanya merawat bukan menyembuhkan , tetapi Damiana menyembuhkan dan menyihatkan tubuh tanpa kesan sampingan. Penawar ini berkemampuan untuk merawaterectile dysfunction ED, bukan hanya setakat memberi kesan sementara seperti Viagra. Penemuan ini akan memberi sinar baru kepada lelaki-lelaki yang menghadapi masalah ED.

Merawat masalah Erectile Dysfunction (ED) dengan selamat dan tanpa kesan sampingan. Di dalam bentuk spray bagi memudahkan pengguna mengambil penawar ini. Hanya perlu spray 1-2 kali dibawah lidah dan minum air atau spray didalam cawan dan campur dengan air suam atau air mineral dan minum, di ambil 3-6 kali sehari (kes kronik diambil sehingga 6 kali sehari) sebelum makan. Di dalam spray 50ml.

A safest way to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the overall prevalence of ED among Malaysia men aged 30 and above was 77.8%. From survey done by Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya, MBBS Class of 2004/2009 and it was shock to revealed Malay ethnic dominating 84.8% of ED cases. Malays seem to have higher risk of having erectile dysfunction!

Three major health problems that associates to ED are Hypertension (Erectile function is impaired in hypertensive patients not by the increase in blood pressure, but by the associated stenoticlesions), Diabetes Mellitus (The impaired blood flow to the penis, resulting from atherosclerosis of the penile arteries is the main reason for erectile dysfunction in diabetic men) and Hyperlipidemia (high serum cholesterol and low HDL levels).ED also related to obesity and smoking, Although previous researches have shown that a smoker has a greater chance of developing erectile dysfunction than non‐smokers our study showed that smoking was negatively correlated with erectile dysfunction.Comes with easy to use spray bottle either you spray directly into your mouth and drink some water or spray in a cup and mixed with some warm or spring water. It's easy to carry anywhere and anytime for a routine dose.

Damiana - 1 bottles of 50ml spray bottles With Selenium 30C

With Indian Ginseng Ashwaghanda, Avena Sativa and Selenium will Improve Sexual Dysfunction such Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Improves brain and nervous system function and has been used to treat erection problems. It is excellent for recovering from over indulgence and also to correct sexual debility.

Tunera For Women – 1 bottles of 50ml spray bottles With Pulsatilla 30C

Stimulates the function of the sympathetic nerves controlling the sexual organs, the urinary system, the digestive organs and the respiratory organs. The herb thus strengthens all the functions of the sexual organs and urinary system. The herbs have may improve female hormone progesterone.

Its Also improves condition such as : low sex drive, reduced sperm count, premature ejaculation and under develop genitals. Damiana increases sexual desire in women too and encourages more intense orgasms

Damiana’s ability to improve women’s sexual health has also been examined. Scientists from the School of Medicine, University of Hawaii, studied 77 women over the age of 21 who wanted to improve their sexual function.Thirty-four of these women took a preparation called ArginMax for Women (a nutritional supplement containing Damiana in addition to ginseng, ginkgo biloba and L-arginine – all of which work together to improve blood circulation to the sexual organs), and 43 received a placebo (dummy treatment) each day.After four weeks, over 73 per cent of the women who took ArginMax for Women reported an overall improvement in their sex lives, compared with just 37.2 per cent of those in the placebo group. Improvements were experienced in several areas – including sexual desire, reduction of vaginal dryness, frequency of sexual intercourse and orgasm, and increased clitoral sensation (Ito TY, Trant AS, Polan ML. J Sex Marital Ther. 2001 Oct-Dec; 27(5):541-9).Reassuringly scientists have confirmed that Damiana does not have any affect on the female hormone oestrogen. This means that there’s no risk attached to its use that it might cause oestrogen-related cancers – like breast cancer (Polan ML, Hochberg RB, Trant AS, Wuh HC. J Womens Health (Larchmt) 2004 May;13(4):427-30).Finally, Damiana has an additional promising benefit: it can aid weight loss. Research conducted at the Department of Ultrasound, Medical Centre, Charlottenlund in Denmark found that the plant slows down the emptying of food from the stomach. This means you feel full even after eating a small meal, which prevents over-eating and promotes good digestion (Andersen T, Fogh J. J Hum Nutr Diet. 2001 Jun;14(3):243-50).Why you should take Damiana to boost your sex life ?

Botanical Name: Turnera Aphrodisiaca

How Damiana Works ?

Damiana contains substances called terpenes, beta-sitoserol, arbutin, alkaloids and various aromatic oils that have a stimulant effect on the sexual apparatus and help to build sexual health and reproductivity. These nutrients work to restore and enhance sexual functions by increasing blood flow to the organs and for overall health of the sexual reproductive system. Damiana also works as a tonic for nervous or sexual debility.Possible BenefitsPotent aphrodisiac and sexual stimulantImproves sexual desire and sexual performanceIncreases blood circulation to the organsIncreases sperm count in males and strengthens eggs in femalesAlleviates anxiety and promotes sense of well-beingPromotes energy and helps with weakness and exhaustionHelps balance female hormones and alleviate menopause symptomsHelps relieve constipationHelps with bronchitis and asthmaDamiana is most effective when combined with similar herbs to complement its activity and our products it's a Damiana withIndian Ginseng Ashwaghanda, Avena Sativa And Selenium

Note : Interactions and WarningsConsider a mild diuretic, mild laxative, can cause contractions of the intestinal tract and may have testosterone-like effects.

Why you should stop using Viagra ?

Viagra works very fast in your body system with the help of sidenafil temporarily enhance your sex life but it may cause your death. You could be having a serious side effect of Viagra.Stop using Viagra and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:sudden vision loss;ringing in your ears, or sudden hearing loss;chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling;irregular heartbeat;swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet;shortness of breath;vision changes;feeling light-headed, fainting; orpenis erection that is painful or lasts 4 hours or longer.Less serious side effects may include:warmth or redness in your face, neck, or chest;stuffy nose;headache;upset stomach; oR back pain.



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